Greetings Sorors!

Although the format of our regional conferences will be different this summer, we wanted to
ensure that as many of the in-person touches were incorporated as possible, including the
renowned exhibit trade show, which has become such an integral part of our successful regional
conferences and conventions. The
Delta Red Pages: Marketplace Edition houses many of
the vendors and exhibitors that you would typically visit during a regional conference or
convention. You can shop while supporting small businesses who so need the support during this
unprecedented time, all from the comfort of your home! Yes, my sorors, you read that correctly –
you can now shop with some of your favorite vendors on this site!

This special edition of the Delta Red Pages: Marketplace Edition will be available through the entire Virtual Regional Conference Cycle, closing on August 31, 2020. Our vendors will provide a wide
selection of Delta paraphernalia and various other products, all of which can now be purchased
online. You can shop from the convenience of your home and have your items delivered right to
your door. Whether a gift to yourself or for someone else, you will find it at the Marketplace.
There is something special waiting for every soror in the Marketplace! 
As a reminder, in addition to the
DST Red Pages: Marketplace Edition, you can access the Delta
Red Pages Business Directory
, which features soror-owned businesses, in its entirety by logging
into the Members Only Portal and clicking on the icon indicating the Delta Red Pages. Since its
inception, more than 350 soror-owned businesses have been listed.

My sorors, it brings me great joy to present this special edition to you during the 2020 Virtual
Regional Conference Cycle
. Having a secure online way to frequent our vendors has been highly
requested, and it is finally here! Thank you in advance for supporting the Delta Red Pages:
Marketplace Edition. 

Happy shopping!

National President & CEO